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Managed IT Solutions to suit all budgets without compromise

Our range of managed IT solutions allows you to make the best use of IT in your business within available budgets.

Canndoo offers flexiblity in its approach, we can undertake a full outsource of your IT or work alongside your existing teams and service providers.

Canndoo can be your single point of contact.

Managed IT Solutions

Enjoy the best IT Support Service without the cost

Service Desk
Infrastructure Management
Remote Support
Backup Management
Software & Application Support
Hardware Support
User Support
Third Party Management
Website Design & Development
Email Services
Domain Hosting
Application Development

IT Support

The things we do best


It has never been more important to ensure that the IT Infrastructure of our customers is managed to perfection. We understand how dependent a business is on its computer systems, applications and their availability.

The Service Desk provides a scalable first line of support to all our customers. It ensures that through a comprehensive service level agreement critical support and service delivery is managed effectively enabling us to provide the exact service required professionally and efficiently.


As a business you have tough choices to make when figuring out where and how to spend money on computer systems and services.

Canndoo offer a cost effective solution to this problem. We provide a service to manage the day to day running of your IT services at a fraction of the cost of employing a full IT department. You have the benefit of choosing a fully managed service tailored to suit your needs.


Remote support allows for a fast and efficient resolution to many issues.

It might be an application not working properly, software maintenance or a little training and advice. Remote support saves time that would normally be wasted waiting around for a technician to arrive on site.

technical support

Many businesses leave their critical business systems to run without a backup service in place. Backups are a neccessity.

Business systems quite happily run for days, weeks and months with out any problems. Then that fateful day comes along when something happens. It might be a disk crash, it might be a fire, it might be a virus.

How do you recover?
The easiest way is to recover your systems is from a backup, this is by far the cheapest way and in many cases the only way to recover.

Can you afford to lose your data?
Canndoo can provide a fully managed offsite backup and recovery service tailored to your specific needs.


Getting third party suppliers to resolve issues can be difficult.

Canndoo can manage the relationship between your company and suppliers of IT related services and goods. Sometimes it can be time consuming and difficult to resolve issues when other partys will not take responsibility. Our experience and expertise can manage and develop these relationships leaving you to free to run your business.

support desk

Software and applications that drive your business forward are critical for success.

Canndoo will look at the software and applications you have running within your business an tailor a support service to suit.


Hardware faults can cause serious disruption to any business.

Canndoo can offer a number of different hardware support agreements, following an intial audit we can tailor a support package to best suit the needs of your business.


Sometimes you need help and don’t know where to turn.

With our knowledge and expertise in this area we can guide, advise and help you when problems arise. You can take comfort that we are just a phone call away.


Establishing a presence on the internet is a must for any business in todays technological climate. We offer designs that reflect the nature and heart of your business whilst ouzing quaility but easy to navigate.


Media marketing covers a wide range of marketing activities and at a high level refers to advertising delivered through digital media such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

Media marketing is a powerful and neccessary way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. Your customers are already interacting with brands through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and you could be missing out!

Clever media marketing can bring remarkable success to your business.

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